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ACES goes above and beyond to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with business in our community and through out the state of New Jersey. We offer a variety of 100% free services to the businesses we work with including:  

  • Business needs analysis 
  • Prescreening of applicants 
  • Onboarding and Orientation Support  
  • Long-term support on and offsite  

See what some of our business partners have to say about us! 

“When I reached out to ACES last summer to hire a new employee, we had no idea how successful this partnership would become.  ACES has been an excellent source of guidance and support in the new programs implemented here at our cancer and hematology treatment center. They have identified crucial needs in our business model and have assisted with creating new positions to fill those needs. They have brought us several candidates to fill these new positions and have been a fundamental support from the interview process throughout onboarding and training. So far, we have hired three individuals from The ACES program.  These three employees have become a regular part of our team.  From these new hires we have been able to provide our nurses and staff with additional supports enabling them to be more successful in their own roles. We find that this has elevated our level of patient service and helped us to create a strong and consistent team.  

The ACES staff are always professional when they are onsite working with our employees who are a part of their program.  They anticipate the needs of our employees, and they communicate effectively with us when there is a concern to be addressed.  They are responsive when we have questions or need assistance with one of our employees.  

We have recommended ACES program to other local employers, who have in turn brought on new staff as a result.  We endorse any employer to work with the Arc of Camden County to identify business needs and utilize the thorough services provided by the Arc to enhance business workflow and team collaboration.” 

– Comprehensive Cancer & Hematology Specialists 

“ACES has played a large role in helping us grow our team here at BJ’s. From the interview to orientation, their job coaches have been with us and our employees each step of the way. They offer a unique perspective and provide additional training and support to our team members and the individuals in their program. 

The ACES staff are always professional when they are onsite working with our employees. They know the individuals in their program very well as they can anticipate the needs of our employees to help them be more successful in their positions. Sometimes, communication can be challenging with third parties, but the ACES staff are able to communicate effectively with us when there is a concern to be addressed. They are responsive when we have questions or need assistance related to participants in their program. When we had issues that needed to be addressed, they were right there to work collaboratively to help our employees reach their full potential. 

Without hesitation we are delighted to recommend ACES to you and other businesses who may have trouble hiring employees. We recommend that any employer looking for quality candidates reach out to ACES for assistance.”

BJ’s Wholesale Club 

“Through NJDVRS, ACES has provided on site job coaching to our employee which has allowed him to maintain successful employment with our school district for several years now. Because of their commitment to the employee, they have helped him grow in his role each and every year. If it were not for the ACES, | do not know that we would have been able to keep the employee employed in our district.  

ACES has always provided qualified professional staff to work with our employees. Communication is key in this work and the ACES has been able to communicate effectively and efficiently to ensure all of our needs and concerns are met.  

Without hesitation we are happy and excited to recommend ACES. With their assistance, you are able to open many doors which may not have been considered previously. Employers are having a tough time filling open positions and with the assistance of ACES you are able to tap into a new, relatively untapped resource of perspective employees.”

Folsom School District

“My name is Angel Eldridge, and I am the Manager of Dollar Tree in Paulsboro.  I have been working as a manager for several years and one of my favorite reasons I love my job is because of the ACES program.  These clients that are in this program are not only special, but they are awesome.   My experience working with this program has been so beneficial.  ACES has brought us the type of staff that are so willing to work, and they love the challenge.   I would absolutely recommend that all businesses make room and time to be a part of this program.”

Dollar Tree 

“Working with everyone at ACES has been a pleasure.  They listened to our needs and were able to connect us with our newest employee, who is a perfect fit for us.”

Pennsauken Skate Zone

“Our business has been continuing to grow, even through the challenges of the Pandemic. We reached out to ACES because we know the value of a dedicated employee and were looking to add new members to our growing team. ACES is always readily available to brainstorm new ideas and potential solutions to our hiring needs. We recommend partnering with Arc Camden Employment Services to help build your team!”

B & J Pets & Aquariums Inc.

Monster Pets

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